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What does it mean to clay the vehicle? Wouldn't that make it dirty? And why would you dress a car? You're not going to eat it. Don't worry, we'll explain.

Below are some cool facts about what we do to your car to leave it spectacular. You'll be a car detailing whiz in no time.

Claying the car with a clay bar is a technique for removing surface contaminants from a vehicle's paint ranging from tree sap to industrial fall out (airborne pollutants from heavy industry which settle onto the car's surface and become embedded and oxidize, appearing as rusty specks in the paint), from bugs to road tar. This prepares the car for waxing or a sealant and gives it a nice smooth, glossy finish. It must also be said that claying a vehicle can produce some micro marring to the paint,. To reduce and eliminate these imperfection we would need to polish in most cases and at time compound it, depending on how sever your paint really is.

shiny car.jpg

Dressing the vehicle means we use water based and solvent based liquids on rubber, vinyl, plastic and leather surfaces to provide protection and gloss. No ranch involved.

A door jamb is the area on a car where the door connects to the body. It provides housing for the parts of a car that are essential for the door to open and close properly. That includes things like the strikers, hinges, and guides. Also a door jamb acts as a seal between the interior of the car and the outside elements. We wipe clean the door jambs with a full service wash and polishing.

door jamb.jpg

UV dressing the interior means we use special UV blocking agents on the interior of the car. These leave behind a protective coating to help keep vinyl and rubber parts from cracking, fading, and becoming brittle. Cleans and protects while leaving a non-greasy, satin finish.

Bug removal- Bugs can damage the paint long after they hit the car. As insect remains decompose, they produce enzymes which break down automotive paint, resulting in etching. 

We gently remove bugs, with a special process proven to help keep the finish intact and brilliant.

Dual action polishing- Dual action polishers have a rotating head that "rotates and osculates " buffing the wax, polish or compound on the exterior of the vehicle. This rotating and osculating motion prevents the polisher from burning the paint, meaning the paint below the clear coat surface. Dual action polishers are superior to rotary polishers because they produce very little heat. We use only some of the best dual action polishers on the market.

Engine bay cleaning and dressing- No one sees your engine bay except you and the occasional mechanic, so who cares, right? Wrong. Like with the rest of your vehicle, cleaning prevents damage and keeps resale value high. A car engine bay covered in oil and grit is allowing premature wear in the pulleys and bearings, or hiding serious issues like gasket leaks. A clean engine bay allows the engine to stay cooler, operate efficiently, and keep your value high. We apply some of the best products to get you some of the best results.

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