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Paint Correction

Paint Correcting Is a process "Professional Detailers' use to refine the paint to bring it to its original look or better. In many cases the paint can be cared for in such a way that the outcome is better then how the car came from the factory, however there are times when the paint is so scratched up, marred or faded that the paint would have less of an outcome. Some occasion paint correction is not recommended because of the lack of protection that a vehicle would have on the painted surface. For example if your vehicle lacks clear coat or other form of protection on the surface then a detailer may recommend not to paint correct the vehicle.

Starting Prices:


Paint Enhancement


This is an all in one process used to do light correction, light polish, and protection without having to switch from compounds, polishes , and then wax. This will not remove deep scratch but could help in masking them. This is the quickest way to get noticeable results when it comes to reducing or eliminating  light marring in the paint.

This is the lease expensive way to enhancement your paint without breaking your bank.


Stage 1: Polish


This process is used to polish out light to medium scratches while leaving a nice shine to the paint. This will  also help with swirl mark that are not to deep into the paint, leaving a smooth even look on the body.

Picture 513.jpg

Stage 2: Compound

&  Polish


Compounding is what we use to remove medium to heavy scratches. Compounding a vehicle is usually made up of heavier grit to help remove deeper scratch , but leaves a heaver haze on the painted surface. As a result this reduces the shine of the paint , which is why we have to use a polish or a swirl remover to remove the haze left from compounding and bring back the paint to a much clearer form. Because we would have to compound the whole care and then polish the entire vehicle this makes double the work  and increases the price. but gets you awesome results .

** All prices are subject to change , due to size,condition,  location and / or  distance of the vehicle. Weather and / or expected finish time could also make prices change.

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